Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shoe fetishes

I admit, I have a lot of shoes.  I like shoes.  Currently, I have 3 pairs of running shoes in the rotation.  A pair of Nike Air Pegasus that I *know* I should no longer be wearing (they squeak with each step), a pair of Brooks Defyance (narrow width to attempt to accommodate my oddly shaped feet), and a pair of K-Swiss Blade Light Run that gather stones like it's their job and appear to be wearing out at an alarming rate.

I got the Nikes because I've always worn Nikes and they were on sale.  The Brooks were a result of a visit to a running store with a treadmill test and questions and assessments of my running style (flaws) etc.  The K-Swiss I got when I went into the running store and said I needed a lightweight, neutral trainer for my next marathon.  I also went over the shoes I was already wearing and their deficiencies.  It's a totally different experience to get shoes when I am depending on my own assessment rather than someone else's assessment of me.  Not sure if it's better, but:

The breakdown of these shoes in practical terms is:

a) Nike = knees hurt
b) Brooks = blister on little toe
c) K-Swiss = stress on muscles because joints and toes aren't hurting and I'm therefore most likely overtraining.

I will need another pair of something before October 30 when marathon number 2 is attempted.  Based on the above, I think I'll stick with c.  My first run with them went something like this:  knees don't hurt, toes don't hurt, knees don't hurt, toes don't hurt...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Training runs and shoes

Had a lovely 9 mile run along the river at lunch today.  The sun was out and the weather actually resembled a summer day, a novel experience this year.

I ran in my old running shoes as the newish ones have been giving me all sorts of toe blisters and other problems.  It was nice to run without constantly thinking about how my feet hurt.  Then I could concentrate more on how much my knees hurt instead.  Which is why I stopped running in these shoes months ago.

Shoe shopping will commence this evening.